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by David R Moenich

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"Turdon, come quickly, our city is in peril!" "How dare you approach your king, me, Turdon, without first requesting an audience with me, Fartassius!?" "But our thing,..'er, our king-thing, thingie, please hear me out!", Fartassius replied. "Silence, fruit of injustice lest I toss you into the lions' den or wild dogs' den or whatever we have left in the basement down there, you insolent, impudent scoundrel! Oh, should I revel in the days when such is not my life but a mere image of imagination sought and yet not realized.", said Turdon. Fartassius replied, "Please, your highness, refrain from Shakespearean rhetoric as it does not become you." Turdon continues, "Yet that I shouldst  reconcile such a dastardly demise...". "Would you please knock it off, sire, as your reign is in jeopardy!", Fartassius continued.

Fartassius had two brothers…Smartassius and Dumbassius. Being of less than superior intelligence, still they were gifted with the ability to brown-nose public officials in order to receive small amounts of residual income. Their mother, Accidentlia, was unconcerned for her children. She ran away with Uncle Gassius to regions unknown.

There must be a hidden moral within this story…If you figure it out, please, let me know just what it is. I, however, digress.



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