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"Shagnasty's Entry #1"


"Shagnsty's Entry #1"

My first wife had every Biblical reason to divorce me because I committed adultery against her 7 yrs. into our marriage. I did that because our love was for shit at the time...I regret what I did, now. We stayed together for another 8 yrs. after my indiscretion. When she left me, she said to me, "Paybacks are hell!" She never forgot my infidelity. We were married for 16 yrs. when the divorce went through. Don't get me wrong here....I would never want to re-marry my first ex. I'm not in love with her at all, and I don't even like her anymore, though I struggle just to love her just as a person.


We were unequally yoked within marriage, as she was an atheist.

During our separation she told me, "F... you and your God too!" I was hoping God would strike her dead for that but such was not to occur.


When I married her she was but 19 and beautiful. I was 21 yrs. of age. I am now 64 years old and my first wife is 62 years of age. I saw a recent photo of her on the internet. She has become chubby and is not aging very gracefully. My carnal nature tends me to wish her to deteriorate. Her beauty was fleeting and her heart remains as cold as ever. A loss, for me, however, a good riddance as well.


Don't marry for looks; marry for spiritual compatibility. Choose a person with an honest and good heart to marry. A good-looking individual's appearance will fade in time. Wait until you find "a heart of gold"...*that's* enough treasure for a *lifetime*!


There were no divorced between my mum and dad nor did my grandparents divorce each other.


Because my first marriage ended within Biblical grounds, I was free to remarry. Before I divulge such, please read that which follows:

My second wife's mother left her husband (my second wife's father). She committed adultery against him so he had Biblical grounds to re-marry...which he did. 


Now, concerning my second marriage. My second wife's first husband died rather young, so she was a widow when I married her. We had the Biblical right to marry, as both of our previous marriages were dissolved within God's sight.


My second marriage lasted about 8 years. Then, my wife pulled the rug out from under my feet and abandoned me...and after a couple of years, she divorced me. She divorced me for NON-BIBLICAL reasons. Yet, there's nothing I can do about that, though I'm in love with her still. Her being 2 years older than me has made her no wiser than me.


Be CAUTIOUS, getting involved in a marital situation. Comprehend the actions of the parents of your betrothed...chances are, your loved one will act out what their

parents have performed in their past. 


If you have not marry a person who discourages you! Do not put up with disrespect. Cancel the black-hearted from your list of potential spouses, as not doing such might cause you severe pain in the future.


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