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Shagnasty TM SM vs DrmJ a.k.a. David R Moenich

Shagnasty is my "real" name. My grandfather, John (Jack) Julius Johnston, blessed me and bestowed me with that nickname many years ago. Celtic, he was. An electrician. A Mason. A rough and tumble sort. Likable, yet not.

My grandfather begat two daughters...Jeannie Johnston, my aunt...and my Mum, La Rue Louise Johnston. My Mum, being Scottish, made me eat mutton way too often, which is why you might hear me "BAaaa" from time to time. Loved the shortbread, though. "BAaa!"

My grandfather Johnston also begat a son by the name of Richard Sheridan Johnston...his middle name was derived from Gen. Sheridan, an officer in the Union Army. My Mum named me David Richard...the Richard coming from her brother, my Uncle Dick.

So I became "David Dick"! With the names "Shagnasty" and "David Dick" bequeathed to me, what choice did I have but to grow up to be a frickin' nuisance, annoyance, and menace?!

My birth certificate reads, "David Richard Moenich".

The surname name, Moenich, requires an umlaut over the "o".

No one could pronounce, spell, nor remember my surname, Moenich, so drastic steps were pursued by me to change such a situation, being tired of receiving snailmail to David McEnich, et al.

I acquired legal, fictitious names for writing and songwriting, hence, I write under a.k.a.'s of DrmJ and DRM Johnston. So it = David Richard Moenich Johnston.

'nough said.




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