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This is the home of Humor, "Wisdom", Music, Literature, Satire, Parody, and Information...concentrating on the Absurd and the Ridiculous, as well as expounding upon the Profound.


Nuggets of untrue bullshit abound within the rhetoric often found here within these pages. This website was developed with the knowledge that most people lack common sense, including the author. Before I digress into digression, please allow me to explain, I don't profess to know any more shit than you know...nor do I wish to to be privy to the senseless "knowledge" and "understanding" you've acquired nor do I want to perceive your stupidity, as such is not my quest. My blatant stupidity should be enough to cover and compliment many readers' egos here.


The Author and Webmaster of this site is:

David R Moenich

a.k.a. DrmJ

a.k.a. DRM Johnston

Nickname: Shagnasty


Good evening, world.


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This page encompasses the works of David R Moenich, a.k.a. DrmJ, a.k.a. DRM Johnston, a.k.a. Shagnasty TM SM.




DrmJ (David R Moenich) is a songwriter (music and lyrics), Literary Writer, Music Journalist,, Humorist, Cartoonist, Poet, Photographer, Theologist, Herpetologist, Ichthyologist, Cryptozoologist, Artist, and Communicator.








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