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This is the home of Humor, "Wisdom", Literature, Satire, Parody, Music, and Information (both useful and otherwise). The content herein concentrates within aspects of the absurd and the ludicrous as well as expounding upon the profound.

Nuggets of true, as well as untrue, bullshit abound within the rhetoric often found here. The author and webmaster of this site is:

David R Moenich

a.k.a. DrmJ

a.k.a. DRM Johnston

Nickname: Shagnasty

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David R Moenich is a Singer/Songwriter (music & lyrics), Musician (Percussion,Guitar), Music Journalist, Communicator, Humorist, Poet, Cartoonist, Photographer, Theologist, and has had numerous articles published within Ichthyology, as well as having a book published within the field of Herpetology. His other interests include Cryptozoology and Artisty (drawing/sketching).

Now, present tense...I have been published approximately 100 times, selling only First World Serial Rights to my manuscripts, therefore, all of my manuscripts are available for resale to an interested publisher. If you are a publisher interested in my work, please, contact me at:

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